Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting Ready for Round 3!!!! 114 here I come!

I am getting ready for round three.. I have been off for more than three weeks now, which means.. Load again then jumping right back on.. my goal is to reach my pre-preg weight of 114-117. I really never thought this would be possible but i so know it will happen.. that just means pretty much 20 pounds as I am successfully maintaining at 134 right now... I definitely was very lax with the last round, so it is time to really bring it on. and I cant wait to start toning up my body and getting back my abs of steel LOL.. you know what is interesting.. My breasts are more pronounced.. I didn't loose any fat there, which was really really nice.. Bt I did loose the mini breasts on the side heh. I feel like they stick out more! Which is prob cause there is less of me all around.. but I am super pleased at this.