Stretcmarks/Loose Skin

Stretcmarks/Loose Skin/Anti-Aging Natural Treatments

In all my search for the ultimate weight loss (HCG that is)I am always on the search for inexpensive and natural remedies to everything that I can think of and of course trying them ALL! I came across this website about 8 years ago or so. I, on a whim did buy the ebook for 10 dollars and I have to say this DOES REALLY WORK.

The ebook is now FREE thanks to Jean, though she does sell her own formulated stretchmark creme. I bought my own supplies at my local pharmacy/bed and bath. And I was already formulating my own cremes already.

Here is jean's website (the book and info is FREE) This method also works great on scars and cellulite!!! Anther GREAT TOOL IS my best friend the DERMAROLLER! I have use Jean's method and the dermaroller to get rid of stretchmarks and fine lines! here is the original dermaroller site (though i buy mine on amazon for $29)

I buy my butters, oils and essential oils here

My formulation - You can google these ingredients and their benefits, your mind will be blown! I scar and bruise quite easily and get hyper-pigmentation so this has done wonders for my skin!!!

Organic Argan oil
OrganicTamanu oil
Lavender Oil (the English hybrid strain)
Unrefined Shea Butter
Unrefined Cocoa Butter
Organic Grapeseed oil (as base)
Calendula Extract (marigold)
Helichrysum Italicum (very expensive though a little goes a long way)
Organic Soy Lecithin as the emulsifier
I do not use preservatives so i make small batches.
After this round, I plan to add organic beeswax flakes as this acts like a humectant trapping moister and the oils in and gives it a more solid base.. Possibly adding Q-10 enzymes also (from )

It is my opinion that to actually buy a retail formulated creme with these above would be frakking expensive prob the price of everything above, but the beauty is you will have a chance to make several tubs of this stuff! Mine lasted me about a year!

Helichrysum italicum
Organic Argan oil
Tamanu oil Lavender oil
BTW this is GREAT OR ACNE!!! I was scared to use oils on my face because of how easily I break out! but these oils have ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties which really kept me break out free! I was truly amazed and am happy that I gave it a shot

People are always shocked when I tell them I am 37! They think i look at least 15 years younger. Ah bless them! Please feel free to email me anytime if you need help on anything, HCG whatever...

LOVE and LIGHT, Me.....