Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kinda MAD!

Ok so, I started this blog to share my journey with Homeopathic HCG. I wanted to yes, see that it worked and it did.. MY hope was that other people would be encouraged and motivated by it and it is overwhelming how many of you that have sent me personal messages of how much it helped you. AMAZING!

I am still maintaining quite well, and i hope to share more stories of other friends who have been successful also.

So for some reason I googled homeopathic hcg to see if anything new would pop up and OMG what do you know??? My Blog comes up second on the list.. HOLY COWWWWWW! I didn't even realize i had so many comments on some of the older posts...

What I really didn't appreciate though, were people trying to market their websites and products on my posts.. I couldn't believe it! I was so appalled! I mean this is my personal journey and I have shared with you, who I have bought from, who I have worked from and only have links to stores that I have personally used along the way and even they asked my permission to post the link!

So, those of you are trying to sell HCG pls DO NOT POST ON MY BLOG. This is a place for motivation and sharing personal victories. thank you for respecting my wishes.