Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Transitioning back to carbs... The dilema

Ok so I haven't posted in a while and usually this blog has been really only about the hcg journey.. I just have to share some wonderful news! Its no secret that I used my beach body products to maintain my weight over the years since 2008. However I have always told people, if you wanna get rid of fat do HCG! Even though I am a free coach with Beachbody and I would probably get yelled at for saying this out loud.. Its better to jump in, bang out a round of  hcg and get rid of most of your fat than to do a weight loss/workout program killing your self week after week and not seeing much happen, I personally had experienced that before hcg. its not fun and it became discouraging really fast.

Ok so after years of mostly keeping a low carb diet, though I was able to eat moderate enough carbs  but I always shad to curb that back with a steak day  and days of extremely low carbs... I didn't really mind because I found a way to make that work for me... What did start to happen after November is for some reason my body started having issues with meat. I loved the taste of meat so why was it making me sick? I really tried to push through that for as long as I could but it became unbearable. I finally gave up cold turkey and felt much much better! However I realized that just eating low carb veggies became a problem also, my stomach would go into cramps but then I would have some carbs and felt much much better... So here I was back to carb state of mind again and freaking out about what that would mean for maintenance.

My best friend had been more involved in beach body than I have been recently and I was shocked to see how much starch she was having, looking great and wasn't just maintaining her weight she was actually LOSING! It inspired me, us really, to start eating according to the ultimate reset program. the point was to get the body back to eating carbohydrates and not suffering weight gain as a result.

I am happy to say, HOW wonderful it is to have breakfast eating some oatmeal and berries... fresh fruit and veggies and some bread and some pasta and root vegetables! Ah I am in love all over again! After so many years of eating such a heavy meat diet I am really happy to have a change and the weird thing is, I dont get as hungry and dont eat as much anymore.... I would say almost 90 Vegan most of the time, but I do still LOVE my eggs!!!! Weirdly my mom and brother even started eating this way too and they are HCG fanatics and meat lovers... And if I am out once in a while I do some sushi (but only raw) and it taste wonderful.. Its like I have regained my senses and taste buds all over again.

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