Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DOWN 9 pounds in 7 days?

Damn, for some reason, I am having brain fog but I believe I am down just 2 oz short of 9 pounds???? Ok day one of vlcd was 164.6 and today day 7 down 155.8! someone please comment!

Day 7 VLCD lost 1.12 pounds (155.8)

OOPS I did it again! :-)I lost just 4 oz away from 2 pounds today!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the first day that I didn't feel too nervous getting on the scale. To be honest, I didn't really expect much of a change and even was resolve to the possibility that the number may go up. This is because yesterday was a bit of an off day for me. I forgot to take my dosage at the correct time in the morning, then at lunch I ate too quickly after second dosage, then completely forgot my third dosage all together! I didn't end up taking it until almost 1 am last night!

On another note, I made tiny beef meatballs with spinach and a little lobster LOL with asian five spice! Yum! The only thing is, I could barely eat! I am continually surprised how full I feel. I mean know why it is, but its pretty surreal sometimes.

Last night I had so much energy that I ended up at 7 pm, getting dressed, jumping on a bus then a train and traveled for almost an hour and a half to see my friend her baby! Before I would never dream of doing this.. would either drive or go when I was already in her area. I ended up yapping about hcg to her mom until she polietely shut me up LOLOLOLOL!

I still had loads of energy when I got home at around 12 and traveling back took me a long time as well yet I was perky and alert and talked to many people around me LOLOLOL

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A funny thought and some!

I was with my sister few weeks ago and went on a shopping mania at a store closing. You should have seen her face and disbelief when I picked up all my clothing in a size 2-4! LOL. I was like, I am dead serious. This is what I will be wearing! I know it, and I really did! I am sure she was thinking wow you are crazy hehehehe!

Guys with HCG you can finally do what all those stupid diets have been promising, I know it seems daunting but it isn't, take the time to educate your self, do loads of research and ask advise from other hcg users.. HCG is protective of your body, so all side effects are in fact positive side effects. Imagine not only being able to lose 30-34 pounds in 40 days but being able to finally reset your weight and hypothalamus gland.. You know those skinny folks that can eat a whole chocolate cake and never gain? Well that will be you, but you have to be very strict and follow correctly. Do not try to deviate thinking you know what is best. Bad decisions on this program will have a huge negative impact! Trust me.


OH, ladies watch out! You could easily get pregnant while on HCG!!!

Day 6 VLCD lost 1.4 pounds (157.4)

Woooohooo!!! OMG down another 1.4 pounds so that makes me 6 pounds 14 oz which is only 2 oz short of 7 pounds!!!!!! It is funny how all those few ounces count! I love it! You know each day I wake up super nervous that the scale number wont show a positive or rather a negative change :-)

You may ask, "WHY SUCH A SCALE WHORE!" Well according to Dr Simeons, you have to! HCG moves and utilizes 2500-4000 of abnormal fat stored calories in your body each day, this is the reason you don't feel hunger. Why would your brain send you messages of hunger if it has all this yummy amounts to work with. Soooo pretty much, each person should be losing almost a pound a day, in some it is even more. If I am not losing this, then I am doing something wrong and I need to carefully examine what I did the previous day.

Another note, I am dying for a bowel movement! Dr Simeons makes note of this also and he mentions that this is nothing to worry about, but damn a dump would be sweeet! :-D. I am sure this is all in my head as I feel AMAZING!! Did I mention the energy I HAVE???

Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 5 VLCD lost 1.10 pound (158.8)

Wooooohooooo!!!!!! Soooooo I am down 1 pound 10 oz today!!!! That is just 6 oz away from two pounds overnight and also making a total lost of almost 6 pounds in 5 days!!!!! DAYYYMMMM HCG Rocks!!!

For today, I am thinking of skipping my hcg.. Dr Simeons says for those on longer than 23 days (but no more than 40 days) should think about skipping 1 day a week in order to avoid immunity. I sure hope this one day off will still have a loss at the end of it

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I just realized I have been counting this all wrong.. Dr Simeons says that day one and two are not counted as these are loading days.

SO!!! Technically my day 1 of VLCD on HCG was this Thursday, Christmas day..
That means I have been doing this for 4 days! That means 4 pounds in 4 days to be exact!!!

Day 4 VLCD lost 1 pound (160.2)

OK so yesterday I didn't take that vitamin (had glycerin) and I didn't use coconut oil on my face. I had a slight cheat :-( I took two curried shrimp that I know was cooked in butter, after all, it was me that cooked it!!! No more cheat! I plan to get some crab and shrimp meat and make a protocol worthy curry crab dish today with cabbage yum! I am happy that today was a 1 pound loss. My water was good, but it could have been better.

Also, not a lot of people believe in the homeopathic version of hcg.. I have to say I am also skeptical, I mean truthfully, I cannot deny that I have seen great loss in te few days, loss that I wouldn't have experienced elsewhere for sure.. And that constant full feeling! So, if I put my doubts away, I have to say it WORKS just as SL or IM, I do plan to try IM in a week or two to compare, but I am pleased overall!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 3 VLCD lost .6 (161.2)

Hmmm, kinda disappointed with the little loss today. Things to possible take in consideration? I had vitamins but realized belatedly that it had glycerine. 2. Sleep was poor.. 3. I used coconut oil on my skin.

not sure if these are attributing factors for the low loss, but I will be changing today and seeing if anything changes

Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 2 VLCD lost 2.8 pounds(161.8)

OMFG!! I was soooo nervous about getting on the scale this morning!!! Yesterday was my first day on the VLCD HCG after loading for two days!!!! I cannot believe it!!! 2.8! that is 2 and a half pounds!! Holy crap!!!!

Things I noticed, eating the apple was so sweet and juicy! I had a hard time enjoying the chicken, I really dont like chicken that much but I ate it anyway.

One thing I did do differently was catch up on my water intake, I usually try to not drink too much at night as I find go to often, but since I was low the day before I decided to just give it a few gallons, boy did I go to the bathroom! I think this really helped as I felt I released more water than I took in...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 1 VLCD gained 1.6 pounds (164.6)

OK so yesterday was really really hard. I had some bread and I could barely eat it. My water intake was really poor.. I had this constant full feeling. I didn't eat lunch either. The thought was daunting! I ended up having xmas eve dinner around 6 pm and I chose the most rich foods in small quantities. I could barely get it down!!! I knew I had to get my loading days in, so I tried to come back and eat a littel bit ever half hour.. I did manage I think 3 slices of cake and drank some milk!

Anyway, the result today is that I am up 1.6 pounds.. not sure what is up with the .6#s LOL. so that is not bad at all.. It means that during the 2 loading days, I lost .6 gained 1.6 so overall weight gained was 1 pound.. wooohooo.. I am excited about this because if I tried to do this normally, the scale would not have a pretty number for me.. Oh, there is a girl on a forum I check out that actually gained 5 pounds in her two loading days.. EEEK! So I am thrilled that mine is 1 pound overall!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 2 LOAD down .6 pounds SW 163.6/TW 163.0

Day 2 down .6 pounds (SW163.6/TW163.0)

Wow, so day one done, not quite sure I made it 3000 cals yesterday, but I am pretty sure I came close! My expectation is that my weight would surely go up for the loading days (as I have heard this is normal) but instead I am actually down .6 today!!!

I will do measurement stats weekly but will report on weight daily

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 1 LOAD SW 163.6

OK so day one of hcg - I am testing the homeopathic version and will await my HCG shots from the UK, but since I didn't want to wait to start in Jan, I am opting for this homeopathic version.. we will see if it works or not.

Day 1 and 2 are supposed to be gorging days, the protocal mentions to eat as much as I possibly can, ie 3000-4000 calories. Right now I haven't eaten anything yet, I will wait an hour just incase. I supposed I thought I would feel somewhat differntly but I dont.. one thing though, that gnawing I had in my tummy when I woke up is gone..

starting stats: 163.6 -- chest: 37 -- under chest 33 -- waist 31 -- lower waist 37 -- Hips OMG 44 --
upper thighs 27 -- lower thighs 18.5

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