Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 2 VLCD lost 2.8 pounds(161.8)

OMFG!! I was soooo nervous about getting on the scale this morning!!! Yesterday was my first day on the VLCD HCG after loading for two days!!!! I cannot believe it!!! 2.8! that is 2 and a half pounds!! Holy crap!!!!

Things I noticed, eating the apple was so sweet and juicy! I had a hard time enjoying the chicken, I really dont like chicken that much but I ate it anyway.

One thing I did do differently was catch up on my water intake, I usually try to not drink too much at night as I find go to often, but since I was low the day before I decided to just give it a few gallons, boy did I go to the bathroom! I think this really helped as I felt I released more water than I took in...

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