Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 1 VLCD gained 1.6 pounds (164.6)

OK so yesterday was really really hard. I had some bread and I could barely eat it. My water intake was really poor.. I had this constant full feeling. I didn't eat lunch either. The thought was daunting! I ended up having xmas eve dinner around 6 pm and I chose the most rich foods in small quantities. I could barely get it down!!! I knew I had to get my loading days in, so I tried to come back and eat a littel bit ever half hour.. I did manage I think 3 slices of cake and drank some milk!

Anyway, the result today is that I am up 1.6 pounds.. not sure what is up with the .6#s LOL. so that is not bad at all.. It means that during the 2 loading days, I lost .6 gained 1.6 so overall weight gained was 1 pound.. wooohooo.. I am excited about this because if I tried to do this normally, the scale would not have a pretty number for me.. Oh, there is a girl on a forum I check out that actually gained 5 pounds in her two loading days.. EEEK! So I am thrilled that mine is 1 pound overall!

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