Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 4 VLCD lost 1 pound (160.2)

OK so yesterday I didn't take that vitamin (had glycerin) and I didn't use coconut oil on my face. I had a slight cheat :-( I took two curried shrimp that I know was cooked in butter, after all, it was me that cooked it!!! No more cheat! I plan to get some crab and shrimp meat and make a protocol worthy curry crab dish today with cabbage yum! I am happy that today was a 1 pound loss. My water was good, but it could have been better.

Also, not a lot of people believe in the homeopathic version of hcg.. I have to say I am also skeptical, I mean truthfully, I cannot deny that I have seen great loss in te few days, loss that I wouldn't have experienced elsewhere for sure.. And that constant full feeling! So, if I put my doubts away, I have to say it WORKS just as SL or IM, I do plan to try IM in a week or two to compare, but I am pleased overall!

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