Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 7 VLCD lost 1.12 pounds (155.8)

OOPS I did it again! :-)I lost just 4 oz away from 2 pounds today!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the first day that I didn't feel too nervous getting on the scale. To be honest, I didn't really expect much of a change and even was resolve to the possibility that the number may go up. This is because yesterday was a bit of an off day for me. I forgot to take my dosage at the correct time in the morning, then at lunch I ate too quickly after second dosage, then completely forgot my third dosage all together! I didn't end up taking it until almost 1 am last night!

On another note, I made tiny beef meatballs with spinach and a little lobster LOL with asian five spice! Yum! The only thing is, I could barely eat! I am continually surprised how full I feel. I mean know why it is, but its pretty surreal sometimes.

Last night I had so much energy that I ended up at 7 pm, getting dressed, jumping on a bus then a train and traveled for almost an hour and a half to see my friend her baby! Before I would never dream of doing this.. would either drive or go when I was already in her area. I ended up yapping about hcg to her mom until she polietely shut me up LOLOLOLOL!

I still had loads of energy when I got home at around 12 and traveling back took me a long time as well yet I was perky and alert and talked to many people around me LOLOLOL

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