Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 3 VLCD lost .6 (161.2)

Hmmm, kinda disappointed with the little loss today. Things to possible take in consideration? I had vitamins but realized belatedly that it had glycerine. 2. Sleep was poor.. 3. I used coconut oil on my skin.

not sure if these are attributing factors for the low loss, but I will be changing today and seeing if anything changes


  1. I would recommend that you not take any vitamins while on this protocol (except Vitamin C if you feel a cold coming on). The reason for this is that if you are taking vitamins, your body can easily get the nutrients it needs from these nice convenient little pills you are putting in RATHER than having to work into the abnormal fat deposits and get it out. So, I would just suggest not taking them. It might help you lose more. 

  2. Wow thanks Tiffany! Makes a lot of sense!

  3. I am starting the hCG diet this week when I get my drops. I ordered the hhCG, is this what you have done from the begining? or have you used the actual hcg from a pharmacy?