Monday, December 28, 2009


Aishhhhhhh! Sorry my peoples. I have been away most of December working in Colombia South America.. Can you believe I actually lost some weight there???? I ate like a queen every day, fresh tropical fruits, fresh fish for lunch and all kinds of yummies.. even some whiskey days!! It just goes to show you when you have good quality organic foods who well your body runs on this amazing fuel.. I struggled coming back, feeling sluggish on the food here.. Go figure. Anyways, I still didn't get to do my last mini round, but I think sometime in Jan should be good.

I haven't checked yahoo in a month, so bear with me as I get back to you all

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sorry been MIA

hello all, sorry I have been MIA, I was away and also some terrible stuff, my aunt was killed.. today is the first time i am looking at the blog and checking emails.. pls bear with me on my response to you from

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Joke's on me..

So the other day i was 122.10, Today I checked and I was 122.0 whoooooo. A thought occurred to me LOL, so I decided to weigh again.. LOL this time, taking off my very chunky watch, medallion chain and ring LOLOLOL OMG down 121.6, haha so i was wearing 10 oz of jewelry??? The only thing that could top that would be a heavenly BM taking me down to 120 hehe but i doubt it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Items to add to your HCG shopping list

Well, as you know, you have to investigate each day what works and what doesn't. I believe in sticking as much as possible to the orginal procotol list. With that said, there are many things available to us that Dr Sims didn't have 40 years ago.
I can say that I know folks first hand that have used some of these modified items with great success. But, I should also warn, not everyone will do well or lose at teh same rate or on the same foods as some, so this is really your journey is a test and go test and go thing when you are on HCG even with the allowed foods anyway.

I first hand know that sometimes meals can get monotonous.. I will share my recent finds and foods that I had outside of the list..
YES I have had a full can of tuna. (in water) 100 cals. 1 gram of fat and did well.
Yes I have had crimini mushrooms and did well (only about 6 sliced)
Yes I have had instead of milk, a teaspoon of non fat dairy creamer in my coffee (almost every day actually)
Yes I have had Beach body's chocolate shake with 1/4 cup of skimmed milk and 3/4 cups water for dinner (out of boredom, didn't feel like eating)

Food finds...
Walden farm fat free and sugar free dressings (the blue cheese is good with celery stick esp when bored)
Smart balance calorie free spray (gives food a nice buttery taste) i have tried but not on hcg yet

Now with all these, I suggest you really do stick to teh protocol list AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, but i have found days where I wanted to pull my hair out, out of boredom or if I see one more dry chicken breast i am going to scream! I think having these options once in a while, will pull out us out of the temptation to give in and mess up.. and you know mess ups cost you 3 days and gains/no loss grrrrr....

happy friday loviessss.

Going back on the JUICE!

OK, soooooooo i have finally decided, I am going back on the JUICE.. I just love this blog and cant wait to write more.. I am going to start a modified round of HHCG around NOV 12... What this means?

I am 122.10 today which is cool a wee bit over but I know i have been debating back and forward about getting to my pre-weight which was 114-116. I am 5 feet 5 but if you know me and look at my wrists and ankles, they are retarded small LOL. Which means my bone frame structure is indeed very very small. No seriously! I have, if I count, have had about 8 broken bones from falling growing up grrr.. I used to get called "walking disaster!" So, strangely enough, though I am cranking the working out, I still have a higher body fat ratio... Not that i am making excuses about going to 114, truth is.. HCG may just say hell no, no more fat loss for me heh so we will see how it goes.. I will prob crank out a good 2 weeks but but will finish out the round with a higher calorie count so i don't lose anymore.. Will keep you guys posted and will be sure to post pics..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


LOL have you seen the comment activity on Jan 6 post? Where someone is knocking HHCG and talking about it being placebo.. Uggg I moderated those posts but I should have left it so you could read.. anyway I responded and pls feel free to share how HHCG has helped you and the like.. seriously this is a place for encouragement.. not ranting and bashing and I am not selling anything! I am just sharing my own story

this page..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I almost wish I was on HCG again so I can write more on my blog hehe.. Wow what a journey it has been. Sometimes I wake up and look in the mirror and can't believe I am skinny again and not just that.. ALSO THAT I AM STILL SKINNY heheh... You know how traditional diets are... You stop a thing and it piles back on with a mission!
Good luck guys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just a quick update

Hey fellow HHCGers. Just saying a quick hello really. How are you all doing on HCG. Pls pls pls those of you, who have emailed me, be sure to keep me updated on your progress. I am still maintaining and doing well. i have found though, that close to my period, my weight really spirals out of control. I have learned since not to pay too much attention to it. But this is at time where i try not to go crazy either with related cravings.. those pounds have a way of wanting to stay!!! what I have been doing is, about a day after my period, I do a modified steak day just incase. I have a protein shake with milk, then nothing till around 2 pm I have two boiled eggs (no salt) then at dinner I have my usual steak.. I have to say it works quite well and by the next day things are back to normal. I must admit, I have had to do a steak day sometime in September??? I did this modification (out of boredom adn rebellion really, I mean sometimes steak days aren't fun) but i was happy that it worked.

So just remember, if you for some reason you are up, pls pls do a steak day or a couple of protein days and keep your weight in check.. You don't want to risk all you have lost and worked so much for.. Till next time.. Good luck and eat clean!

OHhhh! Working out has been amazing too, I am getting so nice and toned! and MA BOOTY! Can I tell you how much i am loving my beach body booty!!!! teeheee. I am supposed to start P90X in about two weeks.. a little scared but at the same time so ready to bring it. I am gonna be thrilled when i can drop and do 20 pushups or pull ups.. wish me luck

xoxo T

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kinda MAD!

Ok so, I started this blog to share my journey with Homeopathic HCG. I wanted to yes, see that it worked and it did.. MY hope was that other people would be encouraged and motivated by it and it is overwhelming how many of you that have sent me personal messages of how much it helped you. AMAZING!

I am still maintaining quite well, and i hope to share more stories of other friends who have been successful also.

So for some reason I googled homeopathic hcg to see if anything new would pop up and OMG what do you know??? My Blog comes up second on the list.. HOLY COWWWWWW! I didn't even realize i had so many comments on some of the older posts...

What I really didn't appreciate though, were people trying to market their websites and products on my posts.. I couldn't believe it! I was so appalled! I mean this is my personal journey and I have shared with you, who I have bought from, who I have worked from and only have links to stores that I have personally used along the way and even they asked my permission to post the link!

So, those of you are trying to sell HCG pls DO NOT POST ON MY BLOG. This is a place for motivation and sharing personal victories. thank you for respecting my wishes.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Working out

Ow! Ow! Ow! So me and Tai have been bringing it with our beach body workouts.. I am proud to say I just returned from the carribbean, where I totally indulged and I did not gain any weight.. Well I think maybe 3 or so pounds which totally disspeared when I returned LOL.

I wanted to share my BB link with you all of course. And also to mention, when you have concluded HCG and ready to work out Beach body provides FREE coaches.. my self included so you can just sign up for a free membership from my page and get me as your coach.. Bringing the love to the battle of the bulge as always


Loves! TAMS

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You've done HCG now what??

OK guys, I am working on a project with I am pretty excited about it and am looking forward to really getting toned now that I am done with my hcg Journey. I am looking for workout buddies and coaches. I will post more about this later.
For now you can just email me at if you are interested.

Also here is my page with Beach Body, I am active offical fitness coach with them so if you are looking for coaching yipeeee ITS FREE! Go here and sign up for their free club membership and you get me as a coach thru this page!

I intend to write more about it sometime this weekend

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick update

I have been very very naughty!!! :-) BUT BUT BUT, OMG! I am still maintaining! CRAZY, I think my hypothalamus's clock is finally set to DEAD SEXY SKINNY GIRL!!!!! I am also having good success with the BM, that was always an issue the last few years! TMI I know but I am THRILLED!!! I am here really thinking, should I do the 114? Should I???? Should??? I haven't decided yet :-)I am just loving eating regular meals at the moment and having a glass of wine (when I am not being naughty that is)

Lots of LOVE~ ME!

Email me..

Hey guys, some of you have emailed me and I swear my yahoo inbox has over 20k emails mostly junk that I cant seem to sift thru... I have made up a new email just for HCG and you can email me with questions anytime!!!!! - feel free to add me to yahoo messenger as well, I will try to log in often.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Success on Maintaining

Well i thought I would put this up! You know me! I am very naughty and have my indulges but I have also had fantastic maintenance periods. I wanted to share what has worked for me and a few others... Of course everyone is different but so far so good.

The first week of Phase 3 you have to MAINTAIN LIKE A MAD person!!!
This first week you will notice the scale jumps a LOT, and in ridiculous numbers at that. I think this is because our bodies kinda go into shock mode with the extra salt, extra fat and such after being on P2 for some time. Maintaining really well the first week I notice that the rest of the time kinda is a breeze unless you are extra naughty :-)

GUYS you will have a hard time with maintenance if you overindulge too quickly... Quality control here.. You've worked too hard for it!

Suggested diet...
First day of P3
Meal one eat eggs, little butter (NO CARBS)
Meal two eat eggs, Cheese, protein and LOW carb VEGGIE
Meal three eat Beef, Cheese, salad
I would follow this for at least 3-4 days

LOADS OF WATER... you may even find that you need to do a steak day.. not to worry once you get over this week.. things really do settle so don't be discouraged.

Then after that adding in stuff like avocado and other protein nuts such as almonds or pistachios that have a low carb/high fiber content

You will also need to look at your BM.. remember that you are taking in more food, having too little BM then a positive number on the scale could just be waste in your belly :-) so don't freak out too much about it. It will pass! LITERALLY LOL

Friday, June 5, 2009

Staying on top of your maintenance!!!!!

OK! So I have been very very naughty and totally went out side of my maintenance with lots of wine and food heheheh and went up a few pounds.. I am happy to say after some corrective days I am maintaining at 119-121!!! I think, sometimes we just see food and think OMG let me have it all. But remember this is the thing that got you into trouble in the first place... I think it is important to splurge and treat your self.. Otherwise what is life without indulging one's self? I think the true thing is to totally enjoy the moment, but know that you will also do something about it. Too many times I see people just continue on this downward spiral and your self pity wants to kick in. I would like to encourage you to just always have the mindset of getting back to the spirit of you! And know that with HCG you now have options. Thank goodness to Dr Simeons for figuring out corrective steak days.. Plan these when you plan to over indulge.

Always wondered why steak days on breaks?
Always wondered why apple days on stalls??

Steak days
Ok here is my two bits... Well sometimes when we overindulge, we are taking in lots of fats carbs and salt... Having loads of liquids will help sort out water retention. And missing a meal and carbs all day will help you burn up what you took in the day before so you are not storing up too much glucose in the body. We know that our bodies run nicely on fat. So eliminating the carbs even for a day will help to trigger a corrective response. I a m sure there is science here at play but oh well. I studied art, so POOO! Again these are only my thoughts that I share, not cold hard facts.

Apple days
Apple days help us release water retention. There is not much to say on this, except for the fact that I just learned that apples have been known throughout history to help release fluid that is retained in tissues temporarily! Woot, I have to figure out why??? Also when doing apple days, the more apples you have (close to six) the more water you will release... If you only have 1-3, I am afraid you wont see too much of a woosh. Trust me.. tried and true!

Also, something pretty cool you could do to get out of a stall... Works EVERY TIME! and I actually try to do this every few days when I am on hcg. IT IS CALLED THE MINI STEAK DAY. You pretty much have your dosage, have lots of water, tea and such and at around 4 pm (cause i can never wait until 6 pm) you have a 4 oz steak with a raw apple.. I even have a raw tomato as well and sure enough, I am usually down more than a pound. WOOT, only draw back? It doesn't work two days in a row.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sooo, ladies, if you are on hcg and doing really well.. have you noticed that one person or the other says, oh don't lose any more weight,oh you are losing too much weight! Now, why the F do people say this??? I KNOW it is not because they care or are concerned about general health. It is more like a statement that is tinged with negativity. Just ignore it and do and go where you feel the most comfortable. Of course there is a point ALSO where hcg comes to a HARDSTOP so not to worry!!! Naturally we aren't supposed to have that fat anyway!

Oh, also, I would like to encourage you to go 3-5 pounds below your goal weight! Reason being, I find a lot of folks don't maintain at 2 or under but rather at around 2-5. And also if you plan to do a work out plan then why not lose as much fat as possible and build back the weight with lean muscle mass? Only my two bit here.. don't have to follow.. just thinking out loud I guess LOL

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Responding to two questions - dosage & other homeopathics

Hi, you are inspiring me to hang in there...I have been reading your blog since Feb. Thanks for sharing so much info. Can you please share your daily HHCG timetable (like when do you dose) and what do you take with it? HHCG detox, vit. b, etc. How much epsom salt in a bath?? thanks, mbp

I take first dose at
9 AM First dosage
HHCG Detox - half dropper
Metabolic Homeopathic - 7 drops
Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus - 7 drops
Adreno 1 teaspoon with plastic spoon

12 PM or lunch time.. First meal with B Liquitrophic - 1 tablespoon (keep refrigerated)

2 PM second Dosage
HHCG Detox - half dropper
Metabolic Homeopathic - 7 drops
Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus - 7 drops
Adreno 1 teaspoon with plastic spoon

Between 6 and 8 PM Dinner with B Liquitrophic - 1 tablespoon (keep refrigerated)

9 PM
HHCG Detox - half dropper
Metabolic Homeopathic - 7 drops
Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus - 7 drops

between 6.30 and 8.30 PM 15-20 min soak on 2 cups of epsom salt bath every other day

Other homeopathics can be purchased from Donna at - she is a very sweet and responsive lady

Saturday, May 2, 2009

my 120 PICSSSSS!!!! only 6 more pounds to go!

Well I definitely see how Dr Simeons says this reshapes your body.. I feel like my body has a nicer shape over all and I have lost in the most important parts.. enjoy all

OH and my butt is doing this funny round apple butt thingie.. I like it!!!! I didnt just lose the but, I gained a nicer one!!! teeeheee

Sunday, April 12, 2009

122 down UPDATE! Day 14 Round 3 Update - 12 pounds ABOUT WORKING OUT and WHY YOU SHOULDNT

ok sooooooo I thought I would post an update. I have been trying to figure out why Dr Simeons advise against working out on the protocol. I think I have figured it out but this is only my opinion...

FIRST before I share... Just DON'T DO IT!!! DON'T WORK OUT LOL. OK now that it is said. I have gone out several times, didn't cheat, ate well, even had water and danced for hours..each time I noticed a positive gain on the scale.. Now this could be the fact that over exertion can cause water retention and HCG can be tricky when you do not get a good night's sleep, but it occurred to me that, when you start any work out program, you should always up your protein. Protein is needed to repair muscle repair etc.. Now on HCG you are getting just enough protein and at some point on the protocol you are just on the edge of a protein deficiency. So just think, you need even more when working out and on the protocol that just isn't happening.. WE also know that when we are protein deficient, our bodies tend to hold on to more fat as a way to compensate. Sooo could be the reason for the gains?? Yeah meeeeeee. Hopefully that made sense.. please send our comments and two bits on the subject.

Ok so now for my UPDATE!!!! As of Friday I was holding out at 124.8 then after going out Friday night, the next day I woke up feeling DEAD SEXY and SUPER SKINNY only to go on the scale and see my weight up to 126 YIKESSSSSSSS!!! So I thought, hmmmm, I am not going to worry about it... What better day to do an apple day! Man those were the juiciest APPLES ever... Also, I caught myself eating a piece of fried HAM! OMG... You should have seen me spit it out and wash my mouth out.. THEN around 7ish I stuffed a piece of rotisserie chicken, OMG talk about mental blank moment... I spat that out tooo ---- but erm ---- swallowed a little piece... Spank me but it was soooooooooo gooooooood! LOL. I could feel the grease sliding down my throat LOL wow that sounds over PG but man I am telling you... well this morning i was expecting to have at least the 1.8 down.. wow.. was I in for a surprise!!!! I was down 4 freaking POUNDS!!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER HAD THAT HAPPEN TO ME!!! so I am down to 122 and I am like damn WOOOOOT!

I really believe that this successful loss is due to the combination homeopathics because my second round I only did detox and had very little lost.. around 12 in the full round,.. now Ia m already 12 pounds and just 2 weeks! Looks like I may just make my goal which is only 8 more pounds to go..

so can you believe it?

165.6 to 122 --- total loss 43.6
busting out of size 13/14 --- now size 3

Friday, April 3, 2009

Round # UPDATE!!!!

So I started Round # with 2.2 pound gain grrrr (but that is ok!) that is back up to 136.10 then went down to 133 something on the 4th day.. then had surgery and was advised to take a break to heal and such.. I then had my period which brought me up to 137 YIKES!!! But it came back down to 134 point something... It just goes to show you breaking early isn't a good idea because the hypothalamus doesn't have a chance yet to adjust to the new numbers.. well I had no choice either but it was nice week and half break and I ate well and enjoyed my Phase 3 foods ONCE again heh!

OH, this time round I decided to try a combination of homeopathics (was hearing that on average people have a 15 pound drop in a week with this combo! wow) so I thought what the heck... So here is my updated regimen and where I am at as of day 4 being back on

PPH (pituritary something)
B-Liquidtropics (broad spectrum of B vits)
Adreno Liquidtropics
20 epsom salt detox bath every day (or every other going forward - also good after surgery am told)OHHHHH a thing about that... After your 20 min soak, If you can get a nice pumice stone and just gently buff your skin in clockwise and anticlockwise YUK, you should have seen the amount of dead skin that came off!!! Looked like dirt LOL, but my skin felt amazing afterwards. really the trick if you are struggling with dry skin on the protocol! Mum even asked me if my skin lightened yesterday???? Which just goes to show you how much dull skin i had.. seriously it feels amazing and looks really nice and translucent!) You prob only need to do this 1 or 2 times a week!

Ok so the results... well you know starting second and third rounds the losses seem to slow down ALOT (my second round was very scanty) I am happy to report.. the first day on this combo, I lost 2.6 pounds, then .14, then 1.0 then 1.2 so that is a total of 5.6 in 4 days... now that is a far cry from 15 in a week but at this rate I am looking at 9 in the first week which is amazing.. Those of you long time HCG users know what I am talking about with second and third rounds and how it tends to slow down.

Just a reminder.. you can get hhcg detox from Tiff at and the other stuff including HHCG weightloss formula from Donna at I am not affiliated with these sites but i have to give props to these two ladies who helped me out a ton when i first started and had all the annoying skeptical questions.

Good luck all you visitors you have found the ans.. feel free to email me if you need any advise or help. I see people visiting this blog from Amsterdam, Germany, Japan you name it ALL OVER THE WORLD and it amazes me.. Welcome to the ans.. I am grateful for all the fat I have released and all the fat my friends have released.. Spread the love people and remember you don't have to pay $$$$$$$ to be thin and beautiful. Just STAY positive and keep at it even on the bad days..

LOTS OF LOVE to you all!!!

OH one more thing! I no longer have a hanging pannus!!!!! from my 10 pound baby... and noooooooooooo loose skin either.. I am gonna give it till the end of this round to post pics but now I am at 128.2 so yep people! that is from 164.6!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting Ready for Round 3!!!! 114 here I come!

I am getting ready for round three.. I have been off for more than three weeks now, which means.. Load again then jumping right back on.. my goal is to reach my pre-preg weight of 114-117. I really never thought this would be possible but i so know it will happen.. that just means pretty much 20 pounds as I am successfully maintaining at 134 right now... I definitely was very lax with the last round, so it is time to really bring it on. and I cant wait to start toning up my body and getting back my abs of steel LOL.. you know what is interesting.. My breasts are more pronounced.. I didn't loose any fat there, which was really really nice.. Bt I did loose the mini breasts on the side heh. I feel like they stick out more! Which is prob cause there is less of me all around.. but I am super pleased at this.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick Update

Hey there everyone.. so after taking the break nad jumping back on, things have been rocky.. been up adn down a few times but I am today holding out at 134.8 pounds! I will have to post pics soon. My cam is still in repairs at canon so soooon! I am excited.. wearing a size small or 2 on top and 4-6 on bottom!!!! whoohoo!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Starting a new round soon

After having a 13 day break.. I am getting ready to start another round of phase 2.. Pretty excited about that.. I have been holding steady at only 10-14 oz over last dosage weight which is fine by me!!! :-))) I am pretty excited to see what will come.. looking forward to another 20 off! I also have around 7 friends starting with me.. spread the revolution!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Also I promise not to be lazy this weekend! heh I promise to take pics!!!

Phase 3 of Protocol

So this is a pretty important phase even though it is less to think about, you get to eat most things and I am not watching calories. This is the time when you train your body and help to reset teh hypathalamus.. This is very interesting to me and it has been a ride! My goal is to gain either no more than 2 pounds (from your last dosage date) and to also not lose any more than 2 pounds. If there is more than 2 pounds of gain, a steak day has to be done the FOLLOWING morning! Oh boy did i have to do this.. although it turned out to be superficial and just water retention!

see post below

Well my goodness sooo, yesterday my first day of eating. I had some ham and swiss with salad for lunch eh, not bad, not hungry.. then unexpectedly we went out for dinner.. I had small glass or dry red wine and some Caribbean spicy meat and greens (I think the meat had beans in the sauce grr) anyway.. Mama gets on the scale today and almost fainted! I was up 2.8 pounds checked agian 3 pounds, checked again 2.8 pounds ok so I set my brain at 2.8. Now I am thinking there is just now way! Because I put on my new size 4 dress and looking dead sexy for work today. I was thinking this has to be water and just the weight of the actual food in my gut!!! So I said you know what Dr Sim...s? Gonna do your steak day today.. I am pretty glad I did it, because my tummy was in a RUTT from the food from the night before and there is just no way I could stomach food!!! Man and did i have some really nice BM... Never thought I would be happier..And boy did I pee.. My thoughts are the wine, well that can make you dehydrated, plus I havent had fat in a while and I havent had that much salt in a while too.. I was pretty convinced that it was superficial gain. But I took it on the chin and did what hte protocol said.. Well HOT DARN it! I am glad to report that getting home today (even though night weight isnt usually accurate) well I just decided to check my weight adn what do you know??? I am already down 1 pound 10 oz from that 2.8 pounds making me only about 14 oz above LIW :-D and that is tonight.. who knows what tomorrow brings!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

FINAL - 2 days after last dosage 144.2

Wow I seriously cannot count!!! I was so excited this morning saying whoopeee I lost over 21 pounds..

so technically on day 21 I did not lose 19 pounds 10oz but infact 18 pounds 10 oz grrrr hehe sorry the good news is that since sunday and today which were my 48 hours without HCG but still on VLCD.. I had 2 lovely bowel movements :-D and also released a bit of water so I am happy happy to report today I am 144.2 making my total loss of 20 pounds and 4 oz :-DDDDDDDD

Sunday, January 18, 2009


OH CRAP! I am done! today is day 21 VLCD PLUS 2 days of LOADING!!! One one hand.. I really wanted to lose that 6 oz on the other hand.. I am pretty thrilled to be done!!! now only 48 hours to get hcg out of my system and HELLO scrambled eggs!

Day 21 lost 12 oz (145.12)

LOLOL Damn, its really squeezing the last final bits isn't it??? Looks again like I am losing every other day now! That makes a total of 19 pounds and 10 oz... Damn just 6 more oz will bring me down to 20 pounds! hehe. I cant wait for those two days to be done!

I have to say this last week and a half was the hardest.. I did get hungry for a few days when I realized that with homeopathics you have to start out small and build your dosage.. once I did that, I was MORE than fine! The only thing is, I was starting to miss other tastes.. and taste for weird things at that.. things like brown rice! and oatmeal LOL and toasted bread with Irish cheese LOLOL!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 20 down .8 pounds (146.8)

Baby losses baby losses hehe it is something I will take it!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 17, 18, 19 Lost 12 oz (147.0)

Have been busy the last few days my goodness! Haven't lost much either.. Had small losses every other day which adds up to about 12 oz.. so I am almost down 18 pounds with only about 4 more hcg days! I don't think I will make the 23 pounds but I am hoping for an even 20! :-D. on another note.. I feel like i am somewhat battling water retention, my fingers have been swollen and my face puffy. I wonder if I will have some kind of loss due to this? would be nice! wish me well! I am really looking forward to my break though.. scrambled eggs here I come!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have been lazy about taking pics hehe sorry just didnt get around to it :-(. But here are some measurements now..

Before: Chest - 37
After/now: chest - 34

Before: Waist - 31
After/now: Waist - 29

Before: 44
After/now: Hips - 41

Day 16 VLCD lost 1.4 pounds (147.12)

Today was good. Had 1.4 loss which was nice after TOM. Nothing special to note. except for I am dying for a pizza.. I got a recipe yesterday though which is phase 3 friendly! I can't wait to start phase 3 next week!

Oh Duh.. of course I have something special to note! Today I am down a total of 16 POUNDS 10 Oz.. can I just call it 17 pounds???? I mean it is only 6 oz away which is nothing :-D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 15 VLCD lost .8 pounds (149.0)

Today I am down half a pound.. I was expecting a little more loss but TOM is still kinda hanging around so we will see.. Over all you know I was thinking.. with this break and deviation and so on.. i cannot believe I have lost 15 and half pounds! in such a short time! I only hope the rest of the world catches on.

On another note. I have decided to create a forum for Homeopathic HCG users.. All users are welcome and it will be a place of fun, support, experience and information..

It is up and ready but I am still ironing out a few things..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

TOM STILL !! aaaa no loss no gain (149.8)

Staying at a steady 159.8 had no loss no gain today.. still feel bloated actually and ate on the later side last night.. not sure if those are factors... on another note.. I seriously think it is water because I look MUCH better today in the under pants than i did yesterday.. i can see more abs!!! Jan 18 is the last day of this round.. looks like I can still manage another 8 pound loss. wish me luck folks! Did I say how much I was glad to be in the 40's??? :-DDDD

Oh!!! on another note.. my bro had a strange stall! 3 things could have caused it
1. he missed his nightly dosage 2. he ate a little too much?? (doubt it) 3. had loose stools (loss too much water so retained?) well for 3 days nothing.. I think he lost 12 oz in the 3 days and he became very very discouraged.. I am glad he trucked it on.. cause in exactly 3 days everything cleared up.. he is now down from 229.5 to 212 last night damn.. in 11 days! that is 17 pounds!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

TOM day 3 hehe down 1 pound (149.8)

Wooohooo, hello 40's! so I am down to 149 and a half pound! Pretty pleased! That is 15 pounds down so far!!!!!! wooo hoooo!!!! HOT DAMN! I will start to count on VLCD tomorrow again on day 15! I was just reading through my blog and realized I had day 13 twice! DUH! Forgive me LOL.. Wow only 8 more days on the protocol... I am really really hoping for an 8 pound loss during that time making a total of 23 pounds.. Hey even 20 will make me ecstatic! I don't know of any other program that would this and such a short space of time and with all the additional health benefits involved!

Friday, January 9, 2009

TOM day 2 lost 12 oz (150.8)

Hmmm, despite the break from HCG and my time of month.. I am down 12 oz.. hehe that is just a funny amount, I seem to do that a lot!! Then again, that is 3/4 of a pound so not too shabby!

I have decided to take my HHCG again today as I have heard many folks on homeopathic still continue during TOM and have small losses... Let see what tomorrow brings kiddies..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

No loss No gain it is TOM and 3 day break

It is time of month so I have to break on HCG till it is over. I didn't do the last dose last night just in case.. I will have a 3 day break. Good news is.. even though my fingers are swollen and I feel puffy all over.. I haven't gained!!! NOT even water.. I am very pleased about this. Not sure how I am going to be able to stick to the VLCD without HCG but lets see how it goes...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 13 of vlcd lost 1 pound 6 oz (151.4)

Dropping steadily hehe so I am down 1 pound and 6 oz !!! That is 13.2 pounds today in 13 days!!!! Pretty excited about that. I can already see the changes in my body! Holding to the goal that by Sunday I will be down to 17 pounds (17 days) Keep your fingers crossed for me people!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Pics coming this weekend stay tuned!

Super Skinny time!!! New Pics coming this weekend stay tuned! If I countine at a rate of 1 pound per day I will 17-18 pounds by sunday! WICKED!

I see people looking weirdly at me at work and I know they cant quite figure it out.. One person actually said OMG you are glowing are you pregnant? HAHA I was thinking close enough!

Homeopathic HCG

I want to chat a little about Homeopathic HCG!

Well I finally got my order of HCG injections over the weekend and guess what??? ALL MY AMPULES were broken! Now I don't know if this is a sign or what, but it has been over a darn month that i have been trying to get my injections!!!!

TO be honest, I am not even sure I will switch over from homeopathics. I think I would only do injectable for experience, that way I can make educated comparisons etc and share with you all.

I think I have done amazing.. Now if i think about it, one little drop under my tongue has allowed me to lose almost 12 pounds in 12 days (considering I lost 3 days due to deviation) I think that is pretty KICK A$$. I don't think there is any denying that he homeopathic version works. Also my brother has done AMAZING and I have found quite a few people that are extremely successful even so more than myself!

MY homepathic HCG contact has said on 2 occasions that this is the future of HCG Dieting.. I believe her now!

On another note, I am very disappointed with the HCGdiet Yahoo group. With the exception of Rob and Laraine I find their responses to be very short/crisp and annoyed --- hmm how can I explain?? Well they sound pretty much like old coots! Like very mean old ladies.. I think I will exit that group as it has been nothing but negative about my choice of using homepathics.. I don't get any help there anyway! Yep matter of fact, just left this page to leave that group!

Day 13 Lost 1 pound!!! (152.12)

Woohoo! Another day and another pound!! I made sure to go back to my ritual when I first started, which was to make sure I drank a pot of Oolong tea, 2 table spoons of ACVinegar in 16 oz of water sipped over a few hours.. Got all my water intake. Took all my dosages on time and at food on time and everything correct to a tea! Well seeing another pound is a huge pay off for me.

I always think every morning before getting on the scale "is this the day I will stop losing weight?" This morning when I woke up, I actually felt smaller and lighter in my step! Amazing HCG rocks! and it is pure fat! That is what makes this journey so amazing!

ooo had miracle noodles yesterday and it didn't stall my weightloss!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Note to self while on protocal: Dont get pregnant!
Using HCG can increase your chances of having a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc). :-D LOLOL and to think twins already run on both our family sides... YIKESADOODLE!!

Day 12 Lost 12 oz (153.12)

Today's loss was under a pound at 12oz.. not bad. I have a few observations from yesterday. I didn't drink much water, this was a bit difficult. As a result I tried to compensate by drinking loads of water last night. Not usually a good idea as I am sure that I didn't pass or use up all that water intake. I am sure by drinking properly it will correct it self.

The thing about this diet is. If things aren't on point then it forces you to look at EVERYTHING! You would think that this would be an overwhelming feat but it isn't. Instead I feel in control and am forced to be responsible for every actions.

Today's goal will be to pay attention to my water intake and dosage times (yesterday wasn't on point either with dosages) Will let you know more tomorrow :-)

On another note, my bro is down 8 pounds since starting 6 days ago.. AMAZING!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 11 VLCD lost 1 pound 12 oz! (154.8)

Wooohooo!!!! I AM BACK!!! down 4 oz away from 2 pounds!
4 oz = half cup of milk or a baby bottle or not even a serving of veggie hehe well you get the point.

More importantly that is a total lost is 9 pounds 14 oz pounds!!!! Still, about 10 pounds in 11 days? HOT DAMN that is over 3 bags of Idaho potatoes! Tell me which diet plan could you do, that would do that! That leaves you with a ton of energy, glowing skin and bigger boobs LOLOL! This protocol ROCKS!

See, I would have been this days ago but damn that deviation!!! So pretty much, my daily goal was .75 a day which would be 8 pounds 2 oz so I am still above target. Looking forward to tomorrow's losses!

Day 10 VLCD no loss no gain (156.6)

Wow no change in weight! I drank enough water for an army and was extra careful with what I ate. Dr Simeons is soooo right, any deviation will cost you EXACTLY 3 days for the body to go back into fat burning mode. And I thought I WAS SOMEHOW SPECIAL!! That this rule wouldn't apply to me LOL.

DEVIATIONS! NOT WORTH IT. PLAN PLAN PLAN.. See, now I lost 3 precious days. At least I have retained what I have lost and actually in terms of my original goals, I am still on target.. though I was pretty happy with the surpassing my goal each day :-(.. Let see what happens tomorrow and there after

OH, OH, OH I should tell you, something really strange is going on with my boobs! I wonder if it is possible that the fat moved into them LOLOLOL. I am happy to report that my bust/chest area has gone down to 35 inches (was 37) BUT the circumference of each boob is HUGE, everyone keeps commenting on it! Hips and waist have also gone down an inch!!!! Woohooo!

Friday, January 2, 2009


OH! on another note.. my fingers are swollen, my nose feel swollen and even my boobs are swollen.. hmmm this could also be attributing to the stall!!! Well things should correct it self anyway.. strangely I feel calm! I thought I would be freaking out more, but I for sure it will correct it self. This must be some behavior modification because if this happened before, I would be sooo overwhelmed and disheartened. Instead, I feel resolved... I took responsibility for my stupidity now paying but not for long!

Day 8 and 9 gained a total of 12 oz! 156.4

UGH!!! I am soooo mad!! NYE was out of whack, took my stuff at weird times, ate too late at a vietnamese restaurant (steamed chicken and veg) and didn't really have a sense of portion control, I mean I dont think I over did it, but I had chinese greens instead of my usual protocol foods! to make things worse, I was at a nye party and remember now snacking on a little cheeze! Why oh WHY. See in a way, I don't want to admit this! But on the other hand this is good too! This is a very hard lesson.. Dr Simeons mentioned that any deviation usually takes 3 days to correct it self!

Lesson? DONT CHEAT, whether unintentionally or intentionally!!! It is not worth it! Tomorrow or the day after it should correct it self! UGH but this is time lost! I am sooo mad!