Friday, June 5, 2009

Staying on top of your maintenance!!!!!

OK! So I have been very very naughty and totally went out side of my maintenance with lots of wine and food heheheh and went up a few pounds.. I am happy to say after some corrective days I am maintaining at 119-121!!! I think, sometimes we just see food and think OMG let me have it all. But remember this is the thing that got you into trouble in the first place... I think it is important to splurge and treat your self.. Otherwise what is life without indulging one's self? I think the true thing is to totally enjoy the moment, but know that you will also do something about it. Too many times I see people just continue on this downward spiral and your self pity wants to kick in. I would like to encourage you to just always have the mindset of getting back to the spirit of you! And know that with HCG you now have options. Thank goodness to Dr Simeons for figuring out corrective steak days.. Plan these when you plan to over indulge.

Always wondered why steak days on breaks?
Always wondered why apple days on stalls??

Steak days
Ok here is my two bits... Well sometimes when we overindulge, we are taking in lots of fats carbs and salt... Having loads of liquids will help sort out water retention. And missing a meal and carbs all day will help you burn up what you took in the day before so you are not storing up too much glucose in the body. We know that our bodies run nicely on fat. So eliminating the carbs even for a day will help to trigger a corrective response. I a m sure there is science here at play but oh well. I studied art, so POOO! Again these are only my thoughts that I share, not cold hard facts.

Apple days
Apple days help us release water retention. There is not much to say on this, except for the fact that I just learned that apples have been known throughout history to help release fluid that is retained in tissues temporarily! Woot, I have to figure out why??? Also when doing apple days, the more apples you have (close to six) the more water you will release... If you only have 1-3, I am afraid you wont see too much of a woosh. Trust me.. tried and true!

Also, something pretty cool you could do to get out of a stall... Works EVERY TIME! and I actually try to do this every few days when I am on hcg. IT IS CALLED THE MINI STEAK DAY. You pretty much have your dosage, have lots of water, tea and such and at around 4 pm (cause i can never wait until 6 pm) you have a 4 oz steak with a raw apple.. I even have a raw tomato as well and sure enough, I am usually down more than a pound. WOOT, only draw back? It doesn't work two days in a row.


  1. I have also been naughty outside the maintenance and I'm dreading trying to rectify it. Your entry just made me feel alot better. :)

  2. :-) good, WE ALL HAVE OUR DAYS!

  3. Hi Everyone, I have been doing alot of research on the HCG in the past couple of weeks. I am wondering, have you always used the homopathic HCG? I was reading how this isn't the same as the real HCG and you can mix and take subling. I am very excited to get started and I want to make sure that I have the best start possible. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. By the way you look AMAZING and you gave me even more hope that this is what I have been looking for. I am looking to lose at least 100lbs and have been over weight since I was 5 years old. Thanks for having your blog out there for all of us and sharing your story.

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  5. Hey Shannon, I have only used homeopathic and actually, I had always planned to use RX but ended up trying out the HHCG and by god it WORKED!

    HHCG isnt the same as RX HCG in that;
    1. You don't have to inject
    2. You wont get cramps in legs or such weird things.
    3. There is no chance of multiples if you do get pregnant as RX pin points cells while homeopathic doesn't.
    4. HCG isnt traceable in blood when using homeo.

    NOW facts about Homeopathic.
    1. Homeopathic DOES contain organic HCG and is made by the reputable Mediral.
    2. HHCG(for short) works exactly the same as injectable RX HCG, if not in some cases better as there is a longer immunity time with HHCG
    3. Homeopathy is quantum physics, the idea is to introduce a small amount of rx to the system and there is a jump start where body mimics its effects. It is pretty amazing, still don't quite understand it, only that HHCG works exactly the same way as Dr Simeons describes it. I know there are pretty much hcg wars out there, I say do your research and be confident in your choice, both HHCG and HCG kicks ass and thank goodness for pregnant women giving up "their stuff" LOL! Which ever you decide, know that there is support for you hon and you will do AMAZING! I have personally in the last six months directly and indirectly helped over 40 or so people do this diet and they have ALL done amazing. Really it is quite bizarre how well it works. Post me or email me anytime!

  6. I'm glad you posted this! I had my first phase 3 day yesterday, didn't go crazy by any means, but somehow danged if I didn't wake up to a 2 lb gain! After losing 20 lbs on my round I was freaking out!! My friend told me it was probably water weight, so I drank a ton of it today. I didn't realize tomato soup was a no-no on phase 3, so I need to be more careful and research what I can and can't have more. If I wake up to another gain tomorrow I'm doing a mini-steak day!!
    Thanks for all your helpful posts!

  7. I am new to the whole blogging thing but stayed up super late last night and then jumped on here first thing this morning. I have read every post. I am hoping you are still maintaining and checking here because I need your help!!!

    I am nervous and afraid but also very hopeful! I would like to lose 40 pounds. Can you help me know what to take and how much? WOuld you recommend using the "concoction" so to speak that you used in round 3 from the beginning?

    I work in an Italian Restaurant so this is going to take will power but I know I can do it. Any recommendations for other places to get motivation/recipes etc?

    Please please respond :) Thank you!

  8. I shot you an email.. look for it.