Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Joke's on me..

So the other day i was 122.10, Today I checked and I was 122.0 whoooooo. A thought occurred to me LOL, so I decided to weigh again.. LOL this time, taking off my very chunky watch, medallion chain and ring LOLOLOL OMG down 121.6, haha so i was wearing 10 oz of jewelry??? The only thing that could top that would be a heavenly BM taking me down to 120 hehe but i doubt it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Items to add to your HCG shopping list

Well, as you know, you have to investigate each day what works and what doesn't. I believe in sticking as much as possible to the orginal procotol list. With that said, there are many things available to us that Dr Sims didn't have 40 years ago.
I can say that I know folks first hand that have used some of these modified items with great success. But, I should also warn, not everyone will do well or lose at teh same rate or on the same foods as some, so this is really your journey is a test and go test and go thing when you are on HCG even with the allowed foods anyway.

I first hand know that sometimes meals can get monotonous.. I will share my recent finds and foods that I had outside of the list..
YES I have had a full can of tuna. (in water) 100 cals. 1 gram of fat and did well.
Yes I have had crimini mushrooms and did well (only about 6 sliced)
Yes I have had instead of milk, a teaspoon of non fat dairy creamer in my coffee (almost every day actually)
Yes I have had Beach body's chocolate shake with 1/4 cup of skimmed milk and 3/4 cups water for dinner (out of boredom, didn't feel like eating)

Food finds...
Walden farm fat free and sugar free dressings (the blue cheese is good with celery stick esp when bored)
Smart balance calorie free spray (gives food a nice buttery taste) i have tried but not on hcg yet

Now with all these, I suggest you really do stick to teh protocol list AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, but i have found days where I wanted to pull my hair out, out of boredom or if I see one more dry chicken breast i am going to scream! I think having these options once in a while, will pull out us out of the temptation to give in and mess up.. and you know mess ups cost you 3 days and gains/no loss grrrrr....

happy friday loviessss.

Going back on the JUICE!

OK, soooooooo i have finally decided, I am going back on the JUICE.. I just love this blog and cant wait to write more.. I am going to start a modified round of HHCG around NOV 12... What this means?

I am 122.10 today which is cool a wee bit over but I know i have been debating back and forward about getting to my pre-weight which was 114-116. I am 5 feet 5 but if you know me and look at my wrists and ankles, they are retarded small LOL. Which means my bone frame structure is indeed very very small. No seriously! I have, if I count, have had about 8 broken bones from falling growing up grrr.. I used to get called "walking disaster!" So, strangely enough, though I am cranking the working out, I still have a higher body fat ratio... Not that i am making excuses about going to 114, truth is.. HCG may just say hell no, no more fat loss for me heh so we will see how it goes.. I will prob crank out a good 2 weeks but but will finish out the round with a higher calorie count so i don't lose anymore.. Will keep you guys posted and will be sure to post pics..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


LOL have you seen the comment activity on Jan 6 post? Where someone is knocking HHCG and talking about it being placebo.. Uggg I moderated those posts but I should have left it so you could read.. anyway I responded and pls feel free to share how HHCG has helped you and the like.. seriously this is a place for encouragement.. not ranting and bashing and I am not selling anything! I am just sharing my own story

this page..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I almost wish I was on HCG again so I can write more on my blog hehe.. Wow what a journey it has been. Sometimes I wake up and look in the mirror and can't believe I am skinny again and not just that.. ALSO THAT I AM STILL SKINNY heheh... You know how traditional diets are... You stop a thing and it piles back on with a mission!
Good luck guys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just a quick update

Hey fellow HHCGers. Just saying a quick hello really. How are you all doing on HCG. Pls pls pls those of you, who have emailed me, be sure to keep me updated on your progress. I am still maintaining and doing well. i have found though, that close to my period, my weight really spirals out of control. I have learned since not to pay too much attention to it. But this is at time where i try not to go crazy either with related cravings.. those pounds have a way of wanting to stay!!! what I have been doing is, about a day after my period, I do a modified steak day just incase. I have a protein shake with milk, then nothing till around 2 pm I have two boiled eggs (no salt) then at dinner I have my usual steak.. I have to say it works quite well and by the next day things are back to normal. I must admit, I have had to do a steak day sometime in September??? I did this modification (out of boredom adn rebellion really, I mean sometimes steak days aren't fun) but i was happy that it worked.

So just remember, if you for some reason you are up, pls pls do a steak day or a couple of protein days and keep your weight in check.. You don't want to risk all you have lost and worked so much for.. Till next time.. Good luck and eat clean!

OHhhh! Working out has been amazing too, I am getting so nice and toned! and MA BOOTY! Can I tell you how much i am loving my beach body booty!!!! teeheee. I am supposed to start P90X in about two weeks.. a little scared but at the same time so ready to bring it. I am gonna be thrilled when i can drop and do 20 pushups or pull ups.. wish me luck

xoxo T