Friday, October 23, 2009

Items to add to your HCG shopping list

Well, as you know, you have to investigate each day what works and what doesn't. I believe in sticking as much as possible to the orginal procotol list. With that said, there are many things available to us that Dr Sims didn't have 40 years ago.
I can say that I know folks first hand that have used some of these modified items with great success. But, I should also warn, not everyone will do well or lose at teh same rate or on the same foods as some, so this is really your journey is a test and go test and go thing when you are on HCG even with the allowed foods anyway.

I first hand know that sometimes meals can get monotonous.. I will share my recent finds and foods that I had outside of the list..
YES I have had a full can of tuna. (in water) 100 cals. 1 gram of fat and did well.
Yes I have had crimini mushrooms and did well (only about 6 sliced)
Yes I have had instead of milk, a teaspoon of non fat dairy creamer in my coffee (almost every day actually)
Yes I have had Beach body's chocolate shake with 1/4 cup of skimmed milk and 3/4 cups water for dinner (out of boredom, didn't feel like eating)

Food finds...
Walden farm fat free and sugar free dressings (the blue cheese is good with celery stick esp when bored)
Smart balance calorie free spray (gives food a nice buttery taste) i have tried but not on hcg yet

Now with all these, I suggest you really do stick to teh protocol list AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, but i have found days where I wanted to pull my hair out, out of boredom or if I see one more dry chicken breast i am going to scream! I think having these options once in a while, will pull out us out of the temptation to give in and mess up.. and you know mess ups cost you 3 days and gains/no loss grrrrr....

happy friday loviessss.


  1. Ok so I appear to be the only dude here, but that is all cool:-) You are one of the only ones I have found to combine HCG and P90X (doing the same too), so my question is this.

    Lost 20 lbs on P1 back in June, that was all great. Now I am a few weeks into my p90X and want to start a 23 day HCG cycle. I was wondering:
    - Does doing 1000 cal/day while on HCG and P90x have a bad effect (gaining weight?)I figure you need at least 1000 cal/day while on P90x since you work so hard on it
    - Were you to tired to do the workouts from the HCG?
    - Are most of the p90X foods ok while on HCG? Protein shakes for Bfast/dinner etc?

    Curious to hear your experience. Keep up the good work. Had a guy friend lose 90 on HCG. I know it works!

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