Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I almost wish I was on HCG again so I can write more on my blog hehe.. Wow what a journey it has been. Sometimes I wake up and look in the mirror and can't believe I am skinny again and not just that.. ALSO THAT I AM STILL SKINNY heheh... You know how traditional diets are... You stop a thing and it piles back on with a mission!
Good luck guys!


  1. Do you still weigh everyday? What's your eating routine like now? Anything you avoid or watch out for? We have maintenance questions... lol Give us the dish :0)

  2. well I must be honest and say mostly of the time.. but when I am naughty sometimes I am like ermmm not gonna check, let em just do a protein day first then check.. though there are times when I over do it and I think hot damn that must be 5 pounds at least.. then I check.. and not a darn oz.. so I think my hypothalamus is pretty much set.. there are days of course where I go up for no reason then go back down the next.. I attribute this to water gain and just body doing weird stuff...

    Well ask me... I have to tsay the most important thing is to really BRING IT with the first 2 weeks of maintenance.. if you do, you will find it easier to maintain.. if you dont.. your weight will forever be spiking and doing repeat steak days can be depressing.