Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just a quick update

Hey fellow HHCGers. Just saying a quick hello really. How are you all doing on HCG. Pls pls pls those of you, who have emailed me, be sure to keep me updated on your progress. I am still maintaining and doing well. i have found though, that close to my period, my weight really spirals out of control. I have learned since not to pay too much attention to it. But this is at time where i try not to go crazy either with related cravings.. those pounds have a way of wanting to stay!!! what I have been doing is, about a day after my period, I do a modified steak day just incase. I have a protein shake with milk, then nothing till around 2 pm I have two boiled eggs (no salt) then at dinner I have my usual steak.. I have to say it works quite well and by the next day things are back to normal. I must admit, I have had to do a steak day sometime in September??? I did this modification (out of boredom adn rebellion really, I mean sometimes steak days aren't fun) but i was happy that it worked.

So just remember, if you for some reason you are up, pls pls do a steak day or a couple of protein days and keep your weight in check.. You don't want to risk all you have lost and worked so much for.. Till next time.. Good luck and eat clean!

OHhhh! Working out has been amazing too, I am getting so nice and toned! and MA BOOTY! Can I tell you how much i am loving my beach body booty!!!! teeheee. I am supposed to start P90X in about two weeks.. a little scared but at the same time so ready to bring it. I am gonna be thrilled when i can drop and do 20 pushups or pull ups.. wish me luck

xoxo T


  1. Good Luck! Thanks for the update. Definitely got my eye on your blog for pearls of wisdom from the accomplished :0)

    Steak Days and Beach Body, they're on my list for the end my P2 journey in about 1-2 more rounds.

    Many blessings Skinny Time

  2. BTW, Yes wine is legal on protocol but the calories have to be counted ;)
    The good doctor says:
    "Obese heavy drinkers, even those bordering on alcoholism, often do surprisingly well under HCG and it is exceptional for them to take a drink while under treatment."

    Thanks for droppin by to check on me. Come back soon to celebrate the 170's and 160's with me :)

  3. hehe oooo, I wonder if I could get away with it! LOL.. Thanks for letting me know, I think I so missed that, gotta re-read! though, does it count if I am not a heavy drinker??