Thursday, March 11, 2010

You know you are skinny when...

ok so here is my realization.. my mirrors in my house are pure evil.. they are warped seriously, because I look inches bigger in them! I am not sure how I didnt get this before! So, I was in Turkiye.. you know you are skinny when everyone you meet tries to feed you! OMG it was crazy and boy did I EAT!!! But the strange thing was, I was looking my self in the mirrors over there thinking holy cow.. I am thinking I am way too skinny.. it was kinda strange to realize! Also of course my size two levi's jeans was falling down at the knees and crotch LOLOLOL... so yeah.. I don't think I will be going any further than the 116 I made..otherwise I will just need all new clothes

So there you have it.. roomy size two on the bottom.. and a freaking size 0 on the top.. although mum says, for a skinny girl I have a fat ass.. which is fine by muah :-D


So I was off again! Travelling like a mad woman for all of February, didn't even take after pics.. but I promise I will.. I need to get it together.. I was so excited, actually one of my readers in Sweden we were supposed to meet but between car trouble and bad weather and airport delays.. sorry to say i did not meet Heidi :-(. I met with a girl in London who is doing SUPER on the protocol and I am so excited.. I will be responding to emails over the next couple of days... thank you all for your support and patience..