Thursday, March 11, 2010

You know you are skinny when...

ok so here is my realization.. my mirrors in my house are pure evil.. they are warped seriously, because I look inches bigger in them! I am not sure how I didnt get this before! So, I was in Turkiye.. you know you are skinny when everyone you meet tries to feed you! OMG it was crazy and boy did I EAT!!! But the strange thing was, I was looking my self in the mirrors over there thinking holy cow.. I am thinking I am way too skinny.. it was kinda strange to realize! Also of course my size two levi's jeans was falling down at the knees and crotch LOLOLOL... so yeah.. I don't think I will be going any further than the 116 I made..otherwise I will just need all new clothes

So there you have it.. roomy size two on the bottom.. and a freaking size 0 on the top.. although mum says, for a skinny girl I have a fat ass.. which is fine by muah :-D


  1. I just got my drops from donna and just saw that i bought the wrong drops now i have to wait again for the stronger drops i can just kick my self in the butt for not paying attention

  2. Hi there, your blog has inspired me to start the HCG diet! You look incredible!! Congratulations! Could you tell me people who follow you or people you follow who have also had success with the HHCG drops? Thanks!!

  3. Hi! I love your blog so far, congrats on your weight loss! Would you mind sharing what brand of hcg you used? Thank you!

  4. Hey Lisa, I have had at least 50 or so persons that has done it along with me that i know personally

  5. one of which is from sweden, who lost 150 pounds so far.. incredible..