Friday, October 23, 2009

Going back on the JUICE!

OK, soooooooo i have finally decided, I am going back on the JUICE.. I just love this blog and cant wait to write more.. I am going to start a modified round of HHCG around NOV 12... What this means?

I am 122.10 today which is cool a wee bit over but I know i have been debating back and forward about getting to my pre-weight which was 114-116. I am 5 feet 5 but if you know me and look at my wrists and ankles, they are retarded small LOL. Which means my bone frame structure is indeed very very small. No seriously! I have, if I count, have had about 8 broken bones from falling growing up grrr.. I used to get called "walking disaster!" So, strangely enough, though I am cranking the working out, I still have a higher body fat ratio... Not that i am making excuses about going to 114, truth is.. HCG may just say hell no, no more fat loss for me heh so we will see how it goes.. I will prob crank out a good 2 weeks but but will finish out the round with a higher calorie count so i don't lose anymore.. Will keep you guys posted and will be sure to post pics..

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  1. 2 cents from the neophyte. Why doncha just see how low you can go? Let the juice dictate your landing spot. Just a thought.