Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sooo, ladies, if you are on hcg and doing really well.. have you noticed that one person or the other says, oh don't lose any more weight,oh you are losing too much weight! Now, why the F do people say this??? I KNOW it is not because they care or are concerned about general health. It is more like a statement that is tinged with negativity. Just ignore it and do and go where you feel the most comfortable. Of course there is a point ALSO where hcg comes to a HARDSTOP so not to worry!!! Naturally we aren't supposed to have that fat anyway!

Oh, also, I would like to encourage you to go 3-5 pounds below your goal weight! Reason being, I find a lot of folks don't maintain at 2 or under but rather at around 2-5. And also if you plan to do a work out plan then why not lose as much fat as possible and build back the weight with lean muscle mass? Only my two bit here.. don't have to follow.. just thinking out loud I guess LOL


  1. I think you are right about going a little below your goal. It gives you a bit of a cushion. Your pics look great! Great motivation!

  2. I found alot of negativity as well when I was losing and it was usually the overweight people who were saying it. Stay positive - you are doing great!

  3. Hi, I am tami and I am getting ready to order the HCG. There are so many websites that sell the product and I have found one that a friend has recommended, but in reading Skinny's blog what about all this other stuff that you are taking and what is up with the epson baths? You have done great on the plan and I want to make sure I do everything I can do to get the same results. This is the first time I have read anything about these other things? Please give me the info on these.

  4. You dont have to take all the otehr stuff, but i went on the experience of donna carlton who has been having HCG clients for a while now and these things tend to really jump start things.. her clients on average lose 12-15 pounds the first week.. i do notice that this helps in subsequent rounds as well.. i have posted the information on dosage and what to take on the second post i believe... let me know if you have questions.. I get my stuff from Donna Carton at her HCG and otehr stuff only cost from 14 - 18 dollars

  5. I just wanted to update everyone on what is happening to hhCG. We are not selling evoke hCG anymore, but a replacement which can be used instead that is called ChangesForLife (CFL) Formula.

    We appreciate your business as always.