Friday, April 3, 2009

Round # UPDATE!!!!

So I started Round # with 2.2 pound gain grrrr (but that is ok!) that is back up to 136.10 then went down to 133 something on the 4th day.. then had surgery and was advised to take a break to heal and such.. I then had my period which brought me up to 137 YIKES!!! But it came back down to 134 point something... It just goes to show you breaking early isn't a good idea because the hypothalamus doesn't have a chance yet to adjust to the new numbers.. well I had no choice either but it was nice week and half break and I ate well and enjoyed my Phase 3 foods ONCE again heh!

OH, this time round I decided to try a combination of homeopathics (was hearing that on average people have a 15 pound drop in a week with this combo! wow) so I thought what the heck... So here is my updated regimen and where I am at as of day 4 being back on

PPH (pituritary something)
B-Liquidtropics (broad spectrum of B vits)
Adreno Liquidtropics
20 epsom salt detox bath every day (or every other going forward - also good after surgery am told)OHHHHH a thing about that... After your 20 min soak, If you can get a nice pumice stone and just gently buff your skin in clockwise and anticlockwise YUK, you should have seen the amount of dead skin that came off!!! Looked like dirt LOL, but my skin felt amazing afterwards. really the trick if you are struggling with dry skin on the protocol! Mum even asked me if my skin lightened yesterday???? Which just goes to show you how much dull skin i had.. seriously it feels amazing and looks really nice and translucent!) You prob only need to do this 1 or 2 times a week!

Ok so the results... well you know starting second and third rounds the losses seem to slow down ALOT (my second round was very scanty) I am happy to report.. the first day on this combo, I lost 2.6 pounds, then .14, then 1.0 then 1.2 so that is a total of 5.6 in 4 days... now that is a far cry from 15 in a week but at this rate I am looking at 9 in the first week which is amazing.. Those of you long time HCG users know what I am talking about with second and third rounds and how it tends to slow down.

Just a reminder.. you can get hhcg detox from Tiff at and the other stuff including HHCG weightloss formula from Donna at I am not affiliated with these sites but i have to give props to these two ladies who helped me out a ton when i first started and had all the annoying skeptical questions.

Good luck all you visitors you have found the ans.. feel free to email me if you need any advise or help. I see people visiting this blog from Amsterdam, Germany, Japan you name it ALL OVER THE WORLD and it amazes me.. Welcome to the ans.. I am grateful for all the fat I have released and all the fat my friends have released.. Spread the love people and remember you don't have to pay $$$$$$$ to be thin and beautiful. Just STAY positive and keep at it even on the bad days..

LOTS OF LOVE to you all!!!

OH one more thing! I no longer have a hanging pannus!!!!! from my 10 pound baby... and noooooooooooo loose skin either.. I am gonna give it till the end of this round to post pics but now I am at 128.2 so yep people! that is from 164.6!


  1. I am proud of your achievement! I joined the forum but didn't realize that it wasn't as up to date as this blog... I read all of your posts and want to know a couple of thinsg before I get started. I've looked at another site that is for vegetarians/raw foodists who are on hcg. I take from that the protocol, but want to know if you've done any cleansing prior to your load days. Also, did you ever experience constipation, headaches, or leg cramps. Those are some symptoms I've read about on other sites. Thanks!

  2. I just saw this.. send me your email and i will let you know all I have on this..

  3. Thanks! My email is creativity101 at gmail dot com

  4. I really enjoy your blog...I just started my second round and I'm thinking that I need to add a few things to my routine. What is the difference between hhcg weightloss and hhcg detox? Does the weightloss formula have all the other things that you listed already in it or is are these things that I need to order right away? I was sad to see that I had only lost 3.6 pounds in my first three days in round two. :( Any help you could give me would be appriciated!

  5. Congrats on your are an inspiration to all of us! I have the same questions as Anonymous..what is your daily regimen and timetable? Also, how much Epsom salts per bath? thanks, MBP

  6. Hey well both HCG detox and WLF will give you the same results however they work differently.. Bear with me here.. From what i remember Detox has a detoxifying effect and works as an isode and WLF has other homeopathics included (a designed formula) that is supposed to bring harmony and balance to the system, however both works... I have used both and have a preference for detox not sure why?? heh