Sunday, April 12, 2009

122 down UPDATE! Day 14 Round 3 Update - 12 pounds ABOUT WORKING OUT and WHY YOU SHOULDNT

ok sooooooo I thought I would post an update. I have been trying to figure out why Dr Simeons advise against working out on the protocol. I think I have figured it out but this is only my opinion...

FIRST before I share... Just DON'T DO IT!!! DON'T WORK OUT LOL. OK now that it is said. I have gone out several times, didn't cheat, ate well, even had water and danced for hours..each time I noticed a positive gain on the scale.. Now this could be the fact that over exertion can cause water retention and HCG can be tricky when you do not get a good night's sleep, but it occurred to me that, when you start any work out program, you should always up your protein. Protein is needed to repair muscle repair etc.. Now on HCG you are getting just enough protein and at some point on the protocol you are just on the edge of a protein deficiency. So just think, you need even more when working out and on the protocol that just isn't happening.. WE also know that when we are protein deficient, our bodies tend to hold on to more fat as a way to compensate. Sooo could be the reason for the gains?? Yeah meeeeeee. Hopefully that made sense.. please send our comments and two bits on the subject.

Ok so now for my UPDATE!!!! As of Friday I was holding out at 124.8 then after going out Friday night, the next day I woke up feeling DEAD SEXY and SUPER SKINNY only to go on the scale and see my weight up to 126 YIKESSSSSSSS!!! So I thought, hmmmm, I am not going to worry about it... What better day to do an apple day! Man those were the juiciest APPLES ever... Also, I caught myself eating a piece of fried HAM! OMG... You should have seen me spit it out and wash my mouth out.. THEN around 7ish I stuffed a piece of rotisserie chicken, OMG talk about mental blank moment... I spat that out tooo ---- but erm ---- swallowed a little piece... Spank me but it was soooooooooo gooooooood! LOL. I could feel the grease sliding down my throat LOL wow that sounds over PG but man I am telling you... well this morning i was expecting to have at least the 1.8 down.. wow.. was I in for a surprise!!!! I was down 4 freaking POUNDS!!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER HAD THAT HAPPEN TO ME!!! so I am down to 122 and I am like damn WOOOOOT!

I really believe that this successful loss is due to the combination homeopathics because my second round I only did detox and had very little lost.. around 12 in the full round,.. now Ia m already 12 pounds and just 2 weeks! Looks like I may just make my goal which is only 8 more pounds to go..

so can you believe it?

165.6 to 122 --- total loss 43.6
busting out of size 13/14 --- now size 3


  1. wow! I'm new to your blog and I'm so excited for you!!! and to see that going from 165 to 122 is possible - that's around my goal. :) great job!

  2. Hey well YEP you can do it.. Look out for pics this weekend!!!!