Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 8 and 9 gained a total of 12 oz! 156.4

UGH!!! I am soooo mad!! NYE was out of whack, took my stuff at weird times, ate too late at a vietnamese restaurant (steamed chicken and veg) and didn't really have a sense of portion control, I mean I dont think I over did it, but I had chinese greens instead of my usual protocol foods! to make things worse, I was at a nye party and remember now snacking on a little cheeze! Why oh WHY. See in a way, I don't want to admit this! But on the other hand this is good too! This is a very hard lesson.. Dr Simeons mentioned that any deviation usually takes 3 days to correct it self!

Lesson? DONT CHEAT, whether unintentionally or intentionally!!! It is not worth it! Tomorrow or the day after it should correct it self! UGH but this is time lost! I am sooo mad!

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