Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 21 lost 12 oz (145.12)

LOLOL Damn, its really squeezing the last final bits isn't it??? Looks again like I am losing every other day now! That makes a total of 19 pounds and 10 oz... Damn just 6 more oz will bring me down to 20 pounds! hehe. I cant wait for those two days to be done!

I have to say this last week and a half was the hardest.. I did get hungry for a few days when I realized that with homeopathics you have to start out small and build your dosage.. once I did that, I was MORE than fine! The only thing is, I was starting to miss other tastes.. and taste for weird things at that.. things like brown rice! and oatmeal LOL and toasted bread with Irish cheese LOLOL!

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