Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 12 Lost 12 oz (153.12)

Today's loss was under a pound at 12oz.. not bad. I have a few observations from yesterday. I didn't drink much water, this was a bit difficult. As a result I tried to compensate by drinking loads of water last night. Not usually a good idea as I am sure that I didn't pass or use up all that water intake. I am sure by drinking properly it will correct it self.

The thing about this diet is. If things aren't on point then it forces you to look at EVERYTHING! You would think that this would be an overwhelming feat but it isn't. Instead I feel in control and am forced to be responsible for every actions.

Today's goal will be to pay attention to my water intake and dosage times (yesterday wasn't on point either with dosages) Will let you know more tomorrow :-)

On another note, my bro is down 8 pounds since starting 6 days ago.. AMAZING!

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