Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 10 VLCD no loss no gain (156.6)

Wow no change in weight! I drank enough water for an army and was extra careful with what I ate. Dr Simeons is soooo right, any deviation will cost you EXACTLY 3 days for the body to go back into fat burning mode. And I thought I WAS SOMEHOW SPECIAL!! That this rule wouldn't apply to me LOL.

DEVIATIONS! NOT WORTH IT. PLAN PLAN PLAN.. See, now I lost 3 precious days. At least I have retained what I have lost and actually in terms of my original goals, I am still on target.. though I was pretty happy with the surpassing my goal each day :-(.. Let see what happens tomorrow and there after

OH, OH, OH I should tell you, something really strange is going on with my boobs! I wonder if it is possible that the fat moved into them LOLOLOL. I am happy to report that my bust/chest area has gone down to 35 inches (was 37) BUT the circumference of each boob is HUGE, everyone keeps commenting on it! Hips and waist have also gone down an inch!!!! Woohooo!

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