Friday, January 23, 2009

Phase 3 of Protocol

So this is a pretty important phase even though it is less to think about, you get to eat most things and I am not watching calories. This is the time when you train your body and help to reset teh hypathalamus.. This is very interesting to me and it has been a ride! My goal is to gain either no more than 2 pounds (from your last dosage date) and to also not lose any more than 2 pounds. If there is more than 2 pounds of gain, a steak day has to be done the FOLLOWING morning! Oh boy did i have to do this.. although it turned out to be superficial and just water retention!

see post below

Well my goodness sooo, yesterday my first day of eating. I had some ham and swiss with salad for lunch eh, not bad, not hungry.. then unexpectedly we went out for dinner.. I had small glass or dry red wine and some Caribbean spicy meat and greens (I think the meat had beans in the sauce grr) anyway.. Mama gets on the scale today and almost fainted! I was up 2.8 pounds checked agian 3 pounds, checked again 2.8 pounds ok so I set my brain at 2.8. Now I am thinking there is just now way! Because I put on my new size 4 dress and looking dead sexy for work today. I was thinking this has to be water and just the weight of the actual food in my gut!!! So I said you know what Dr Sim...s? Gonna do your steak day today.. I am pretty glad I did it, because my tummy was in a RUTT from the food from the night before and there is just no way I could stomach food!!! Man and did i have some really nice BM... Never thought I would be happier..And boy did I pee.. My thoughts are the wine, well that can make you dehydrated, plus I havent had fat in a while and I havent had that much salt in a while too.. I was pretty convinced that it was superficial gain. But I took it on the chin and did what hte protocol said.. Well HOT DARN it! I am glad to report that getting home today (even though night weight isnt usually accurate) well I just decided to check my weight adn what do you know??? I am already down 1 pound 10 oz from that 2.8 pounds making me only about 14 oz above LIW :-D and that is tonight.. who knows what tomorrow brings!

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