Saturday, January 10, 2009

TOM day 3 hehe down 1 pound (149.8)

Wooohooo, hello 40's! so I am down to 149 and a half pound! Pretty pleased! That is 15 pounds down so far!!!!!! wooo hoooo!!!! HOT DAMN! I will start to count on VLCD tomorrow again on day 15! I was just reading through my blog and realized I had day 13 twice! DUH! Forgive me LOL.. Wow only 8 more days on the protocol... I am really really hoping for an 8 pound loss during that time making a total of 23 pounds.. Hey even 20 will make me ecstatic! I don't know of any other program that would this and such a short space of time and with all the additional health benefits involved!

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