Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 11 VLCD lost 1 pound 12 oz! (154.8)

Wooohooo!!!! I AM BACK!!! down 4 oz away from 2 pounds!
4 oz = half cup of milk or a baby bottle or not even a serving of veggie hehe well you get the point.

More importantly that is a total lost is 9 pounds 14 oz pounds!!!! Still, about 10 pounds in 11 days? HOT DAMN that is over 3 bags of Idaho potatoes! Tell me which diet plan could you do, that would do that! That leaves you with a ton of energy, glowing skin and bigger boobs LOLOL! This protocol ROCKS!

See, I would have been this days ago but damn that deviation!!! So pretty much, my daily goal was .75 a day which would be 8 pounds 2 oz so I am still above target. Looking forward to tomorrow's losses!

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