Sunday, January 11, 2009

TOM STILL !! aaaa no loss no gain (149.8)

Staying at a steady 159.8 had no loss no gain today.. still feel bloated actually and ate on the later side last night.. not sure if those are factors... on another note.. I seriously think it is water because I look MUCH better today in the under pants than i did yesterday.. i can see more abs!!! Jan 18 is the last day of this round.. looks like I can still manage another 8 pound loss. wish me luck folks! Did I say how much I was glad to be in the 40's??? :-DDDD

Oh!!! on another note.. my bro had a strange stall! 3 things could have caused it
1. he missed his nightly dosage 2. he ate a little too much?? (doubt it) 3. had loose stools (loss too much water so retained?) well for 3 days nothing.. I think he lost 12 oz in the 3 days and he became very very discouraged.. I am glad he trucked it on.. cause in exactly 3 days everything cleared up.. he is now down from 229.5 to 212 last night damn.. in 11 days! that is 17 pounds!!!

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