Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 6 VLCD lost 1.4 pounds (157.4)

Woooohooo!!! OMG down another 1.4 pounds so that makes me 6 pounds 14 oz which is only 2 oz short of 7 pounds!!!!!! It is funny how all those few ounces count! I love it! You know each day I wake up super nervous that the scale number wont show a positive or rather a negative change :-)

You may ask, "WHY SUCH A SCALE WHORE!" Well according to Dr Simeons, you have to! HCG moves and utilizes 2500-4000 of abnormal fat stored calories in your body each day, this is the reason you don't feel hunger. Why would your brain send you messages of hunger if it has all this yummy amounts to work with. Soooo pretty much, each person should be losing almost a pound a day, in some it is even more. If I am not losing this, then I am doing something wrong and I need to carefully examine what I did the previous day.

Another note, I am dying for a bowel movement! Dr Simeons makes note of this also and he mentions that this is nothing to worry about, but damn a dump would be sweeet! :-D. I am sure this is all in my head as I feel AMAZING!! Did I mention the energy I HAVE???

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  1. If you're having discomfort because you are not having bowel movements, you can try Smooth Move Tea, which can be found at health food stores. :) ha ha. However, just keep in mind that there's not much going in so there probably won't be much coming out. :P