Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 3

Start weight 123.2 I did load for eh em.. 1.5 days if you wanna call it that.. up a little over two pounds... oooo I almost need a serious bm...grrrrrrr

We shall see what tomorrow brings.. so far so good, no headaches like last round.. I have a weird empty light feeling, which is usually good, means i am gonna lose weight tomorrow!!!! either having that or an achy feeling is usually good sign of loss... I wonder how far I will go????? teeee.. well as you know this is a final test.. to see just how far hcg will take me... It has been a blast.

ooooo already my face/skin looks nice and plump.. I always LOVE the weight I gain on hcg because that is the replacement of structural fat that keeps our skin taut and looking good...

water water drink drink... update tomorrow.. love you.. teeeheeee

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