Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick interruption

Dont follow me pls as I am already at my goal weight and this round is purely experimental.. I did a planned interruption yesterday... I did not have hcg yesterday nor the day before.. still yesterday I had good loss and today even after having a nice meal last night.. no I didnt go crazy, I am actually down 8 oz.. today is also break from yesterday and I will resume tomorrow...

TODAY -- 120.10


  1. Nice to see you takin the journey with us again, or are we taking the journey with you :0) Either way. I'm diggin the new posts. Thanks again for sharing your experience online. You and your inspiration lady pushed me the rest of the way into the hhcg side of things.

    I had a shameful Round 2 but am doing Round 3 and doing MUCH better, now that the holidays are gone. hehehe

    Much success to you on your last round!

    Please share some of the foods/dressings or what-nots you're eating in your last round that are Dr. Sims friendly... inquiry minds want to know

  2. My wife and I have been following the HCG diet as well with some great results. I've blogged mine as well. If you would like to read it go to

    I've enjoyed reading your experience.

  3. Acutally I have been rather boring... I think the only thin I have indulged in is non dairy coffee creamer.. other wise I did try some chicken in my new wave often that was quite good, lemon pepper and a dash of breadcrumbs, literally a dash... then I sprayed with fat free I cant believe is not butter, it does feel like a luxury.. otherwise I havent even eating much veggies.. been busy with work, so I eat only when hungry... my final results are in.. I will post tomorrow teeeehee