Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OK I am done!

117.6 today, so basically I did monday-thursday last week.. took a break due to illness started again on Sunday and today I am way too boney so no more for me heeeeeeeee! will post pics when I get a chance


  1. Please post them:)! I get so much inspiration from your blog its why i started HHCG. Must be so fun to be done! Best wishes!

  2. Just found your blog today! So glad I did! Would you mind emailing the website you use to order your hhcg? I have some baby weight I still need to shed & my 10 yr high school reunion is this summer! Congrats on your success story!! Really gives me hope!! Also where do you go for recipes that stick to the 500 calories?


  3. I am starting tomorrow and found your blog today. I was afraid that the HHCG that I purchased was not going to work because of all the negative junk out there. I was actually about to but SL HCH when I found you. Thanks for sharing your journey! I am starting a blog for my journey as well. It is mostly a place for me to compile my research, but I also hope it keeps me on target.