Wednesday, August 25, 2010

been on holiday

still holding up.. weight is 119.. this is hte latest photo I have this was about 2 weeks ago in europe.. wish I had better ones..

I have emailed a few of you back from my yahoo account.. sorry for the delay


  1. I'm really inspired by your journey!
    I'm hoping to start the hcg program within the next few weeks.
    I'm a little worried about the desire to cheat but my biggest worry is about maintaining the weight once off the shots...have you had much trouble sticking to the program and slowly adding back in certain foods?

    Congrats again on your wonderful progress. It's really inspiring.


  2. heh well good look and definitely prepare your mind.. if you go into it like you are going to cheat.. then you prob will.. just focus, write down your goals and go for 23 days.. tell your self it is the most important 23 days of your life.. I didnt have any trouble going back to normal foods.. and while I over indulge once in a while.. I dont go crazy.. and thanks love.

  3. Hi there, Sorry if you have already answered this, do you know of anywhere trustworthy that you can buy the homeopathic HCG in the UK?

    thank you so much

  4. Hey, unfortunately no, though you can talk to Donna she has shipped to Sweden so UK should fine -

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