Sunday, January 9, 2011


I will be documenting my friends progress.. she has 140 pounds to lose.. cannot wait to post pictures and information.. she is on day 4 and has dropped 13 pounds thus far..

ALSO ALSO.. i am working on a way to provide you with my own personal HCG store!!! I will continue to provide my free support to all your questions and concerns and will provide HHCG at the lowest price possible along with other synergistic homeopathics.. guys please wish me luck in this venture..


  1. Congratulations on both. I look forward to following your friend's progress. I've always looked to your site for inspiration and motivation as I struggle with my own battle of the buldge.

  2. Hi! I am getting ready to start HCG again and I have been thinking about buying HCG from the site you did (I have bought from DIYHCG but $27 HCG vs. $75 HCG is luring me to the site you put in your sidebar)... however I don't know about all the products available and phase 1 (which, is not typical in other HCG programs). Phase 1 sounds like a great idea however I was wondering can you opt out of it and just go into regular HCG protocol? And, also wanted to ask which products you purchased to help you succeed? The site can be a little overwhelming with all the products available.

    Anyway, congrats on your loss and the exciting news of helping out your friend! Thank you for your help... if you wanted to email me rather than leave a comment on my blog, feel free...

  3. Hey Caitlin, I will email you to your aol.. talk to you soon hon..I put both sites on there, yes one is more expensive, but she was very important and helpful when I first started HCG so to give her my support, I have her linkto her store.. but after that I definitely used Donna Carlton.. heeh soon enough it will be replaced by my store.. I am just getting the paper work together.. but yea, I can tell you the list or products I used

  4. Thanks Shimme hehe, I cant believe it has come such a far way.. I am up a pesky 5/6 pounds(125) since ThanksG and Xmas.. was waiting to see what shakes off.. tempted to get back on the juice.. hehe though i know i can get rid of it by a steak day or too.. but hey, I have missed blogging about it.. so i may just do it!

  5. Wow, so kind of you. Well, I bet you know how hard it is to lose weight that's why you want to help others. It does feel good to have a companion in this journey. Keep up the good work and God will bless you for being so kind. :)


    1. Awwee Drew thank you! I havent updated this blog in ages.. I have gone up to the 130's so after many years now of not doing the protocol.. I am back on their with you guys!!!! Really excited to jump back in!