Sunday, September 9, 2012

HY Guys it has been a while since I have posted.. We did get the license to buy/sell HCG but unfortunately that fell through as Mediral no longer was producing HCG.. ANDDD check this guys, Mediral only costs 6 dollars a bottle!!! And I still see it out there oeing sold for like 50 dollars even more in some cases! Gosh this really turn my guts!!! Myself and Nikki we hoping to bring it to you for something like 15 dollars or so (after the bulk shipping cost, taxes and just a few dollars back for capital) but no go. I am appalled at the prices of HCG out there, OMGOSH! SO I AM GOING BACK ON THE JUICE PEOPLE! I am navigating 133-136 pounds these days, and while I still look pretty good. I definitely need to go back to my 117-122 weight. I can definitely feel the difference! And it isn't such a nice difference hahahaha. It has been so LONG I am DREADING DOING HCG AGAIN! OH and I found hcg for 20 something dollars, check out My Brother already started this past few days and on the second day was down 12 pounds.. Ugghhhh hating him right now hahahahahaha. I wont start until Thursday or so (will post starting pics also), I just got my period last night.. So see you guys soon! LOVE, Me!

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