Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Booboos and Quick Updates

On Monday was a bit of a hectic day. I wasn't really stressed but had a lot to do. I totally forgot and brushed my teeth with peppermint, ahhhh but it was so wonderful hahahah. Big oooops! I, in that moment decided to not stress it and go about my day as usual. I also had a lot of stomach cramping, which didn't make sense because i was not hungry..
It dawned on me later that maybe my stomach was a bit acidic.. Quick fix was a glass of hot water with fresh lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to bring my stomach/body back into a more alkaline state. THAT DID IT!,

Next booboo was yesterday I took HCG at hmmm 9 AM and forgot to take anymore. late last night when I finally remembered, it was too late. I didn't want to be up on high energy as that is what I feel after a dose. So I decided to just forego it.

Happy to report that even between two days of mess ups i still managed to lose 1/2 pound on my peppermint day and 10 oz on my 1 dose of hcg day, making it 1.2 pounds.

So after starting on Friday down almost 7 pounds in 5 days of Low Calorie. Gosh it feels like I started forever ago!

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