Sunday, September 23, 2012

After 2 VLCD Update

Day 1 after VLCD I lost exactly 2 pounds.. I have to say it was disappointing! In the past it was usually 2.8-3.5 pounds. I was feeling yesterday like my body had betrayed me! I really had to go into my head and do some releasing and clearing. What were the facts? It then dawned on me that while I had a perfect VLCD
I was nursing a detox headache which made me decide to make my meals into soup! And the soup was quite salty! I had a small cup of broth at night around 10 pm that night and that too was salt.

Another fact was - I didn't drink as much water as  I should have!  So the next day (yesterday) I ended up eating one meal  and wasn't hungry at all. NOT going to lie, yesterday I was heavy into FEAR MODE due to my disappointment. Around 10 pm again last night I started to feel hungry for the first time. I decided to honor my body and my mind.  I made some veggie soup NOT SALTY this time! I had some mad scientist idea to add a teaspoon of psyllium husk to my soup, which made it really thick! It felt wonderful going down my throat! I blessed it and thanked it for giving me such a good feeling. Haha I ended up only eating a quarter of the soup. I will definitely be adding more psyllium to my soups from now on as it was really satisfying!

At that point I decided to  LET IT GO, I LET GO OF MY FEARS of the day, let go of the need to control everything and just be!

I was honoring myself by doing this process and breathing and relaxing into it. Stress is what caused me to gain back some weight anyway! SO NO! I will not stress during this process. I want to experience something else. So I am making the choice to do just that! One day at a time, and I am sure I will have to re-read this post to remind myself! <3 p="p">
Well I am down a little over ANOTHER 2 POUNDS!!! yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh so happy! So 2 VLCD and down 4+ pound.

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