Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Higher Love - Fall in Love with YOU!

Giving myself a little higher love today! It is after all Load Day #1
Go ahead dare your self to think about all the awesome things about you! Its your day, Its your time! Release all the noise that tells you otherwise.

There are so many things I have fallen in love with about myself over the last couple of years. For me, this whole new round will be yes HCG, but its a fall in love with the process too. Those of us who have battled with our weight knows what it feels like to battle loathing and discouragement. I am encouraging you my darlings to fall in love with you! No one deserves your love more than you, it is a process of peeling away the layers that you believe define you. All those moments you experienced that was so difficult. I am in no delusion/illusion as to how difficult that may be. I after all have gone through it. You do not have to wait for your perfect body to fall in love. Start now, start today. Each day is first about you. Look in the mirror and tell your self you are beautiful. Even if you are tempted to look away, or it brings up painful things, tell your self 3 times a day, eventually you will get there, I promise.

You ARE Awesome. Love and Light, Me

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