Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have just switched blogger templates and I have no clue where my comments section went. If you figure it out before I do pls email it to me( Otherwise please bare with me a moment longer.. Brain is tired today! My brother is down 18 pounds since starting
hcg last week! We definitely have to share with you some new additions/supplements I will post quickly right now, but will elaborate on later posts Potassium supplement - for cramping in the stomach Livestrong Liquid silica, Lcartinine!!!! Dry brushing (for skin circulation, cellulite) Ladies you are gonna love this!!! Use a liposuction compression garment during HCG or something like it, full body spanks may work but you want it to be a little close fitting, not too tight where it is cutting off your circulation. I will have to type more on this when I have time. Wearing the garment you should be able to form your body the WAY YOU WANT IT as you lose fat rapidly on hcg. You can form HOW and where you want go and stay. AT least to some extent! This also aids with tightening the skin after rapid weightloss, as well as cellulite prevention, which could happen after rapid weightloss.. I will touch again when i have some time By for now! Love, me!