Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OK so yesterday all day massive migraines, today massive thoughts of OMG I SOOOO do not want to do this!!! YES YES valid enough reasons, but if I am being honest, they were used as excuses to not start. OK so I am breathing,
centering myself, did inner refection and meditation, went grocery shopping for HCG food and Loading food. Got my potassium, ACV, braggs amino sauce, Lcartinine, Solgar vitamin B complex stress formula, scraped and buffed my heels smooth, exfoliated my skin, oiled up my skin for the last time and I am now looking like KFC in chicken grease. Ehhhhhhhhhhhh HCG I am READY! I GOT THIS BIOTCH!

Okie at the moment I feel much better than what was my frame of mind this morning! Guys you have to
remember, in anything that you are doing to better your self in anyway, you have to put your heart into it. Make an investment in your self, edify everything about you and bring your self up. That is the key to success in anything. If you are going into HCG thinking, you don't want to do it, or going to cheat, but this, but that etc. Please delay in starting it. Get your frame of mind in a positive and excited space. There is a lot of truth to YOUR THOUGHTS ARE THINGS! Do not sabotage your self by making disclaimers or negative thinking and old patterns/behavior paradigms.

Welcome the starting of a new you, breathe life and positive energy into your food and your process and each moment. FORGIVE YOURSELF. Be graceful and have and gratitude TO YOU for having taking a wonderful new step in your life process...

Love and light always and I am with you again on this journey!
Love, Me

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