Monday, October 8, 2012

Finally can start back on HCG.. after having this allergic food reaction and the hives. I decided to start back last Wed and then what do you know? TOM. I decided not to stress my body too much with what i was healing from and then this. I am glad I didn't  it was a heavy and painful one.
It is ending today so I feel confident to start back.. Cant wait to get back to some good results. no weight gained during this time which is great news for me.. Actually i have almost an additional pound of weight loss during my break. I ate properly even when I had the reaction for the first two days and even enjoyed some carbs on Friday i believe, but after going back on low cal on Saturday everything adjusted it self nicely..

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  1. couldyou please tell me were to get the hhcg from im in ontario. Thanks